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How Many Days in Advance to Ask for a Date — Solved

How Many Days in Advance to Ask for a Date — Solved

If you’re wondering how many days in advance to ask for a date, you’re probably in one of two situations.

The first is that you want to take someone on a date but are a guy who is busy all the time and wouldn’t be able to meet up with them for quite a while.

If this is you, you’re probably wondering whether the period that you’re unavailable is too long to make the person you want to take out wait after you ask them. 

The second is that you are so excited to meet up with someone that if it were up to you, you would do it immediately.

However, you are wondering how much time you should respectfully give them to arrange their plans to accommodate you. 

The truth is that how many days in advance to ask for a date almost aways depends on your specific situation and your relationship with the person you’re asking out.

That said, here are a few general guidelines to follow when it comes to the time between asking someone on a date and taking them on it.  


How many days in advance to ask for a date

If you are just starting to date someone, ask them to go out between a week and three days in advance. If you have already been on a date, three days is plenty. If you are girlfriend and boyfriend, try to ask your partner at least 24 hours in advance. Don’t ask anyone for a date more than a week and a half in advance, or your date will think you aren’t serious about them. 

Of course, there are exceptions to all these timeframes, and the most important thing is always effective communication

For example, if you go on a first date and want to ask for a second date but are going to be away on business for the foreseeable future, you can still express that you would like to do something again sometime. 

Ask for a second date, and if the person you’re seeing says yes, tell them you’ll be in touch when you’re back in town to arrange something. 

Alternatively, if you feel like you are connecting well with someone and you want to see them the following night, you could say, “I know it’s unusual and I hope I’m not being too forward, but I really like you and would love to meet up again tomorrow evening, if you happened to be free?” 

This kind of honesty almost always goes over well. 

In most cases, however, it is a good idea to conform the timeframes suggested above.

Giving someone enough advance warning to make sure they’re free and aren’t caught off guard is a way of showing respect for their time. 

You also want to give someone enough advance notice to give them time to get excited for the date. 

And of course, you want to avoid letting too much time drag on. Leaving too much time between asking someone out and taking them out can cause the connection that was building between you to diminish.


How long before a date should you confirm 

Ideally, if you have a provisional plan for a date in place, you should confirm it with the person you’re seeing 24 hours before you are scheduled to meet up. This provides both people enough time to prepare themselves once they’re sure the date is going forward.

Technically speaking, if someone wants to cancel a date, they should let you know as early as possible. 

It is the responsibility of the person looking to get out of a date to inform the other person that they can’t make it.

If you haven’t heard anything by the day of the date, you can assume your arrangements are still in place. 

However, it doesn’t hurt to check in and confirm that your date is still planning on meeting you when and where they said they would. 

For one thing, people sometimes forget the details of a date that they agreed to in a state of heightened emotion.

Confirming the date saves them the embarrassment of having to check back in to ask. 


Can you ask someone on a date the day before?

You can ask someone on a date the day before, but only in exceptional circumstances. If you have limited free time, if you are already very close to the person you’re seeing, or if you are in a committed relationship, you could get away with asking someone on a date the day before. However, don’t make a habit of it!

The short answer of course, is yes, sometimes it is. You don’t always have to stick to the rules about how soon a second date should be after the first, or how soon after you meet someone to ask for a date. 

The long answer, which doesn’t even need to be spelled out here, is, that it is only appropriate to do so in specific circumstances.

Let’s just say you’ll know when it is and isn’t appropriate based on your relationship to the person you are asking out. 

How to ask a girl out the same day 

To ask a girl out the same day, flatter her by telling her you really like her. Then ask her out and provide a detailed plan of what you’d like to do, including a time and place to meet. Explain that you know it’s short notice and give her a reason for the last-minute date request. 

Asking a girl to go on a date with you on the same day is a very bold move.

However, if you pull it off correctly (and ask under the right circumstances), she may just be impressed by your confidence and assertiveness. 

Asking for a same-day date is only a good idea in a limited number of situations. 

For example, you might ask for a date straight away if you meet a girl you have an instant connection with, and who you can tell would also enjoy getting together to explore your connection as soon as possible. 

Another circumstance in which you might ask a girl out the same day is if you are dating a girl who is always busy, and she happens to have a free evening that night.

Chances are, she won’t have another any time soon, so it makes good sense to ask her to get together right away.

While it can be intimidating to ask someone to go out with you the same day, a last-minute date also has its upsides.

For once thing, scheduling a date right away doesn’t give you time to worry about things like how to greet a girl on a first date

It is important to propose a concrete plan when you ask someone to meet up with you that day.

It eliminates any logistical back-and-forth and allows the girl you’re asking to simply say yes without having to worry about any of the planning.