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11 Ways to Respond to a Guy Saying He Appreciates You 

11 Ways to Respond to a Guy Saying He Appreciates You 

There are few things nicer than when someone tells you they are grateful for the things that you do. 

Whether it is a work colleague, a parent, a sibling, a friend, or a significant other, knowing that your efforts are not going unnoticed can make you feel like your time is being well spent. 

That said, there is something particularly nice about being told you are appreciated by a guy you’re into. 

A guy might tell you he appreciates you for any number of reasons, including for specific things you have done or just your general demeanor. 

A guy might also say he appreciates you as a way of praising your appearance.


How to Respond When a Guy Says He Appreciates You

You will usually know what a guy means when he says he appreciates you based on the context he says it in. 

If he says it after you’ve just gone out of your way to do him a favor, you can assume that it has to do with what you’ve done for him. 

However, if he says it after you’ve walked down the stairs in your best dress, you’ll know that the appreciation being expressed is meant as more of a physical compliment. 

Being told you are appreciated can feel almost as good as being told I love you for the first time

Regardless of the situation, the best response to a guy saying he appreciates you is usually a mutual expression of appreciation. Here is a run-through of how you can respond to this compliment in different circumstances. 


1. I appreciate you too. Everything you do for me means so much.

If a guy is telling you that he appreciates you as a way of expressing gratitude for the care and love you show him, you can respond by simply returning the sentiment. 


If you have just spent time consoling a guy and showing him emotional support and he tells you, “I appreciate you,” you might respond by saying, “I appreciate you too.” Follow this up by telling him that the things he does for you mean a lot. 


2. You’re the most generous person I know, in every way. I’m so grateful you’re part of my life. 

Another way you might respond to a guy telling you he appreciates you is to return the sentiment by praising his generosity.

Generosity can mean many things. People can be generous with their money, their time, or even with their emotions. 

If the guy you’re with happens to be particularly generous, respond to his expression of appreciation for you by thanking him for his all-round generosity.  


3. What do you appreciate about me? 

If a guy tells you he appreciates you and you are genuinely curious what it is that he is referring to, why not ask him? 

Simply follow up his compliment with a question to get greater clarity about what he means. This will allow you to make a more informed decision about what you eventually respond. 


4. You have no idea how much you mean to me. 

Not all compliments have to be a parallel of the same idea. Just because the guy you’re seeing or talking to has told you that he appreciates you doesn’t mean you have to use the same word back. Simply expressing care in the way that feels most natural to you will achieve the same effect. 

No one doesn’t want to hear that they mean a lot to the person they care most about. 


5. I’m so glad we met. I appreciate everything about you, from your kindness to your intelligence to your humor. 

Another approach to responding to a guy who tells you he appreciates you is to list the things that you appreciate most about him. 

This also offers you a good opportunity to ask yourself what it is that you value most about your partner or about the guy you’re getting to know. Is he sensitive? Caring? Generous? Loving? Funny? Whatever it is, tell him you are grateful for the qualities he has!


6. You are so sweet to say that, thank you. I appreciate you more than you know. 

Thanking a guy for telling you he appreciates you will go a long way too. 

They say that if you want to train someone to compliment you, you just have to get good at showing gratitude for the compliments you get and let your significant other see how much their kind words mean to you. After all, gratitude is for lovers.

This gives them a clear incentive to keep singing your praises. 

This response to a guy saying he appreciates you tells him he is sweet and then thanks him for saying what he did. 

It then lets him know that you appreciate him more than he knows, which, since, he has just told you he appreciates you, is a great way to express that the feelings he has for you are more than mutual. 


7. Thank you for always being so lovely to me. 

Thanking a guy for being lovely to you is a way of saying, “Thank you for always treating me so well.” 

While it would be nice to think that showing care in a relationship should just be part of the deal, this is not always the case. There are plenty of men who put the women they supposedly care about in the position of having to respond when a guy calls them crazy.  

If you have found a guy who treats you like a queen, thank him for how lovely he is to you to let him know that his efforts don’t go unnoticed. 


8. The feeling is entirely mutual. 

This is a great response to a guy saying he appreciates you. It gets across the message that whatever he is feeling for you, you are also feeling for him. 

This is also a great response to send when a guy says he misses you


9. I appreciate how caring and considerate you are. Even taking the time out of your busy day to tell me you appreciate me is such a sweet thing to do. 

If a guy tells you he appreciates you, you can tell him how grateful you are that he is such a considerate person. 

Then, use the example of his most recent compliment to show exactly what you’re talking about. Tell him that you appreciate the time he took to send you the sweet message he did. 


10. Oh, believe me, I appreciate you too 😏

This is a great way to respond to a guy telling you he appreciates you when what he said was meant to be a compliment about your physical relationship. 

If a guy texts you that he appreciates you and you know he is talking about the intimate element of your connection, you can tell him you appreciate him too and send along a smirking emoji. 

Your message will be received loud and clear without you having to explicitly spell things out. 


11. I appreciate how hard you work to make sure you can take care of the people in your life. 

If a guy has told you he appreciates you in a very sincere way, you can respond with an equally sincere expression of gratitude. 

Acknowledging how hard your guy works to take care of you and the other important people in his life will make him feel like his sacrifices are worthwhile and are not going unnoticed. 

He will not feel like he is sacrificing too much for his relationships

If he sees that you see the work he puts in, he will undoubtedly feel closer to you.