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Dating a Leo Man — 10 Great Tips

Dating a Leo Man — 10 Great Tips

Dating a Leo man can be a challenge, but if you do it right, the reward will be worth the difficulty. What are Leos like? 

Leos––anyone born between the 22nd of July and the 23rd of August––are very proud people and tend to be highly confident.

They have total king energy, and their zodiacal symbol is the lion. Basically, they’re totally charming and all eyes are usually on them whenever they’re in a room. 

While this Leo magnetism is hard to resist, these same traits can make Leos impulsive and selfish.

While Leos tend to be wonderfully romantic and generous when they want to be and are known for spoiling the people they love, Leos are often less than obliging to people they are casually dating.

So, the biggest thing to keep in mind when dating a Leo man is that if he really likes you, he will give you everything.

If, on the other hand, he isn’t invested in you, he may behave inconsiderately, and you could get hurt.

That said, understanding why Leo men act the way they do can help you win them over.

This can make the initial difficulty of dating one worth your while.

Astrology can help you do this—learn about what Leos are looking for and see whether those traits are ones you could embody.

Here are a few important tips to consider if you begin dating a Leo man. 


How to date a Leo man

  1. Be mysterious 
  2. Be fun
  3. Play hard to get 
  4. Compliment him
  5. Acknowledge his efforts
  6. Maintain your independence
  7. Don’t express jealousy
  8. Don’t try to tame him
  9. Give him space
  10. Show enthusiasm and a have a seize-the-day attitude


Dating the most confident and charismatic man in the room can be intimidating. 

If you aren’t quite sure how to work your way into his heart, follow these helpful tips to use the wisdom of the stars to help turn a solo Leo man into one who is using his unparalleled commitment to care for you. 


1. Be mysterious 

Leos love a challenge. 

If you are an open book with no particularly interesting or unusual pages in it, chances are that the adventurous spirit that rules Leo will not allow him to stay around long enough to see whether you might actually be compatible.  

The way into a Leo’s heart is to avoid giving away everything about yourself all at once. 

Leos don’t like people pleasers, so one way to appear mysterious is not to speak unless you have something to say that you think is genuinely interesting. 

You can avoid all the small talk because this just put Leos off anyway. Instead, be cool a little aloof. 

This will leave him wanting to know more about you, and he will probably see your lack of clear interest as a challenge.


2. Be fun 

This is an important tip to keep in mind when dating a Leo man. 

Leos are known for their boisterous, up-for-it, go-getter attitude. What Leo men look for in a partner is someone who can keep up with them—both literally and figuratively. 

Don’t be afraid to let loose and be expressive. Let your excitement show when you are doing new and interesting things.  

If you’re going on a date with a Leo and are worried you’ll feel anxious being around such a charismatic and social person, read up on how not to be awkward on a date.


3. Play hard to get 

Make sure you aren’t always available to hang out. Answer questions vaguely and don’t be too eager to spend time together. 

Make him experience what it is like to date a girl who is always busy.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep this up forever. Once a Leo man is in, he’s in. 

Leos’ determination to live life to the fullest leads them to give serious relationships their all. Once they decide to commit, Leos are very considerate partners and will want to spend a lot of their time with you. 

4. Compliment him

Leos are charming and outwardly confident, but because they are ego-driven, they enjoy hearing nice things about themselves. 

In fact, Leos often show a vulnerable, sensitive side to the people they’re closest to. 

Complimenting him on his appearance, his jokes, and his achievements at work will surely boost his confidence, and he will be eager to be told more nice things in the future. 

This will lead him to seek you out to ask for your advice on things in the hope of receiving your approval. 


5. Acknowledge his efforts

If you can tell that your Leo man has been putting serious effort into creating beautiful experiences for you, then you should thank him for taking the time to make you feel so special. 

For example, if the Leo in your life has been asking you out to special restaurants that he knows you’ve always wanted to go to or has organized taking you to your favorite beach on the weekend, show him you know how much time he’s dedicating to making you happy.

Leos are the first guys who tell you they appreciate you, so when a Leo man feels that you aren’t reciprocally grateful, he will get hurt and pull away. 


6. Maintain your independence

The zodiacal glyph of a Leo is the lion, the king of the jungle. 

Naturally, Leos are born to be leaders, which means they also like to take the leading role in relationships.

While it is nice to respect his tendency to want to take charge and to nurture it by following his lead in certain situations, it is equally important to maintain your independence and not to become a doormat.

If you become too passive and only ever do what your Leo man wants, he will start to lose respect for you. Over time, he will become less interested. 

As mentioned before, Leos love a challenge, and a girl who always does what the Leo man in your life wants is the opposite of challenging. 

Don’t adjust your schedule to fit his. 

Don’t cancel plans on a whim because he’s suddenly decided he wants to take you out. 

Showing him that you have your own life and that you make decisions based on what is in your best interests will keep him on his toes and keep him interested. 

7. Don’t express jealousy

Leos are allergic to any kind of confinement. 

If you start expressing jealous feelings in the early stages of getting to know each other, your Leo man will disappear faster than you can say “who’s she?” 

Leos have a fiercely independent spirit and hate feeling obligated to do anything. This also includes hating feeling confined by commitment. They don’t like owing people things. 

If you make the Leo man you’re dating feel like he owes you his time exclusively, he will react by pushing you away to show you that he doesn’t need to do anything you say and that he is his own person. 

So, instead of questioning his plans, tell him to have a great time and leave it at that. 


8. Don’t try to tame him

Lions don’t like to be caged. The same is true for Leo men. Leos value their freedom and independence above anything else. 

And let’s be honest, you are attracted to him because of his confidence and his “I do what I want” attitude. 

If he were to suddenly be checking in with you every five minutes to run his every decision by you, you might start to lose interest. 

So, don’t try to tame him or confine him. Let your Leo man run free. 

Leos are fiercely protective of and loyal to the people they care most about, so if you get him to eventually say, “I love you” for the first time, you won’t need to worry about taming him anyway. 

He will see himself as your protector and will do everything he can to make sure you are happy. 


9. Give him space

Leo men have a lot going on. Their charm, go-getter attitude, and confidence mean that people enjoy their company a lot. 

As a result, they and their time are in high demand. 

They are driven in the workplace, so they will often have professional commitments that they go over and above to meet. If you want to date a Leo man, you’ll have to learn how to date a guy who is busy all the time

As alphas, Leos are also social creatures. It is common for them to have several different friendship circles and to spend a lot of time in large groups. They seldom turn down an opportunity to go out.

This means that the Leo man you’re dating will need to time to tend to his friendships. 

While these hangouts are often events he will want to invite you to eventually if you keep seeing each other, when you’re just getting to know one another, his social commitments will take up a lot of his time. 

Don’t take it personally. Instead, see it is a good thing! It means the guy you’re seeing is well liked and well connected. 

And let’s be honest, that is infinitely better than the alternative—if you were dating a Pisces or a Capricorn, for example, you’d have to deal with dating a shy person who prefers quiet nights in over nights on the town. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, you know as well as anyone that that isn’t what you’re attracted to.  


10. Show enthusiasm and a have a seize-the-day attitude

Leos are high-energy men! That means they like to be out and about doing exciting activities and just generally making the most of their free time. 

They want to be with someone who also wants to do that. They need someone to ride shotgun in their car singing along to their favorite songs at the top of their lungs, someone to stay up late on the town with, someone to travel to beautiful places with…you get the picture!

While you can still be a tempering influence—because sometimes Leos need to be encouraged to rest—as a rule, show that you are enthusiastic about life by demonstrating a willingness to do new, fun things. 

Leos like the people they are dating to have a spontaneous can-do attitude. 

So, don’t worry about things like how long a date should last or any other “shoulds, woulds, or coulds.” Leos are known for throwing conventional rules and norms out the window and living according to their impulsive desires. 

So, showing a Leo man that you are up for living a life that isn’t bound by convention will certainly put you in his good books.